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Sanger & Pycha Construction, LLC is Scribner’s first choice for long-lasting grain handling equipment you can use to power your farming operations efficiently. We’re passionate about moving and storing grain, and our passion is mirrored in our commitment to providing you with the best grain loading, unloading, conveying, and storage solutions available.

Are you ready to invest in streamlining your grain processing processes? Reach our seasoned farm equipment dealers to learn more about what makes us industry authorities in machinery for moving and storing grains. Call (402) 664-3324 today to book an obligation-free initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable team members.

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Grain Equipment for Sale

We’re proud to be our community and the surrounding region’s first choice for grain equipment for sale. Our carefully cultivated inventory reflects years of experience and deep-seated knowledge of grain farming best practices.

We’re here to support you with the quality equipment you require to optimize operations on your grain farm.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Grain augers
  • Grain vacs
  • Grain loaders
  • Grain silos
  • Grain conveying systems
  • Grain bucket elevators
  • Field bins with augers
  • Pneumatic Grain Handling Systems
  • …and much more!

Grain Unloading Equipment

Equip your farm with the best grain unloading equipment with the help of our industry-leading grain processing machinery experts. We’re here to answer all your questions and help you align your operations with durable and cost-effective grain system technology.

When you want to invest in creating a seamless grain loading, storage, and unloading process, look to us for many different types of grain handling systems tailored to your preferences. Set up a zero-obligation consultation with one of our grain technology experts to learn more about our inventory and how you can use our machines to maximize safety and efficiency on your farm.

Grain Hoppers

Leverage the force of gravity to enhance your grain farming operation with grain hoppers that facilitate an easy loading and unloading process. Do you have questions about the brands and hopper sizes we currently have available? A non-committal consultation would allow us to answer all your questions about purchasing a new grain hopper.

Connect with our team today to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Grain Conveying Equipment

With a diverse range of grain conveying equipment in stock, we have everything you need to bolster your industrial grain farming operations. Our years of industry-specific experience have served us well in becoming the area’s top destination for grain conveying systems that promise to maximize efficiency and reduce wastage.

We understand grain dynamics and the intricacies of conveying systems, and we’re here to put our expertise to good use to ensure you have access to all the equipment you need to ensure optimal conveyor system performance and longevity.

Each conveyor type has its advantages, capacities, and suitability depending on the specific grain handling requirement, distance, elevation, and capacity required.

Some of our most-requested grain conveyors include:

Belt Grain Conveyor

Is a continuous belt grain conveyor the right choice for your farming business?

Here are some of the advantages you can expect from this type of grain conveying system:

  • Gentle handling
  • Less noise
  • Flexibility
  • Less maintenance
  • Enhanced safety
  • Budget-friendly
  • …and more!

With us, you can be sure you’ve made the right selection with the guidance of our product experts. Allow us to explain the benefits of each system type and help you select the grain-moving machinery that’s just right for your operation.

Grain Drag Conveyor

A grain drag conveyor offers many advantages, including:

  • Durability: Drag conveyors are typically more robust, especially when handling abrasive or coarse grains. Their design often results in less wear and tear than belt conveyors.
  • Enclosed System: The fully enclosed design of drag conveyors minimizes dust emissions, reduces contamination risks, and ensures minimal grain spillage.
  • Low Maintenance: Drag conveyors require less frequent maintenance than belt conveyors since there's no belt to track or tension.
  • Versatility in Grain Handling: They can handle various grain types, including those that might be more challenging for belt conveyors due to their shape or texture.
  • Space Efficiency: Drag conveyors can be designed to fit in tighter spaces and move grain horizontally and vertically, making them versatile for facilities with complex layouts.
  • Reduced Grain Damage: Drag conveyors offer gentle handling, which can reduce grain breakage compared to the friction and potential slippage in belt systems.
  • Weather Resistance: Being fully enclosed, drag conveyors can operate effectively in various weather conditions without the risk of grain getting wet or being affected by wind.
  • Safety: The enclosed design and fewer exposed moving parts can pose fewer safety hazards.
  • Chain Conveyor for Grain

    Chain conveyors can offer distinct advantages over belt grain conveyors and grain drag conveyors.

    Here are the benefits of chain conveyors in comparison:

    • Strength: Chain conveyors can handle a greater grain weight, especially in high-throughput situations.
    • High-Temperature Resistance: They operate effectively in environments where high temperatures might be encountered without the risk of belts stretching or degrading.
    • Minimal Grain Slippage: Chains provide a positive drive mechanism, which means there's less risk of slippage compared to belt conveyors, ensuring consistent and reliable grain movement.
    • Flexibility in Design: Chain conveyors can be designed to move grain in multiple directions, including vertical lifts, which might be challenging for belt systems.
    • Less Maintenance in Harsh Conditions: In environments where the grain might be particularly abrasive or dirty, chain conveyors often require less maintenance than belt systems.
    • Reliability: Due to their simple design, chain conveyors often have fewer components that can fail compared to more complex conveyor systems.
    • Efficiency in Wet Conditions: They can handle wet grain or operate in moist conditions more effectively than belt conveyors without the risk of slippage or degradation.
    • Easier to Clean: The design of chain conveyors, particularly those with open structures, can be easier to access and clean compared to fully enclosed drag conveyors.
    • Traction: Chain conveyors provide better traction in specific applications, ensuring the grain is moved efficiently without backflow or jamming.

    Each type of conveyor has its own strengths and best-use scenarios. Book a zero-obligation consultation appointment with our grain farming equipment specialists to explore the benefits of each conveyor type specific to your farming operation.

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